Teaching Philosophy
Teaching art stems around humans as a social creature based on their surroundings of family and their community in which they live and how it forms us as a culture.
I believe bringing art to the forefront along with other academics helps us to learn about other cultures and makes us aware of how we fit into a society as a whole.  Art gives us the inner knowledge we need to grow as an individual.  We need the visual and performing arts to survive and thrive as a culture.  Thriving is survival in the sense that when we are not allowed to express our innate talents, ideas, thoughts or feelings, we become depressed,  
oppressed and suppressed as individuals, communities, and culture, thus the community dies.  We have to have art in our lives.  It's the living and breathing soul that comes to life on a piece of paper or canvas.  The ideas that come to life are the ones we enjoy most.  Making things happen!  Art is all around us!  It's on the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the chair in which you sit.  It's the building you are sheltered by, the books you read, the music you hear.  It's in the video games you play, the phone you use it's even in the comfort of your own bed.  Look around and you will see that an artist had a hand in something you've used today.  
  Teaching art gives me the fulfillment of knowing I can open eyes to 
the world that they may not have known.  Where they can apply the knowledge I give them, will cover all subjects taught as we learn about science, math, history, geography, and biology in art.  Many don't realize this because we've pushed art to the side because we've taken it for granted.  Art is also the greatest subject of all to teach problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.  These skills are survival skills in the world we live in today.  We need these skills to progress into the 21st Century.   Without hands-on knowledge,  also a great motor skill, eye, and hand coordination, we lose ourselves in mundane tasks or physical processes that harm our existence, i.e.  television.  It is important for us to do the work, not have someone make it easy for us.  Although a luxury to have an iPhone and have everything I need at my fingertips, it is important not to lose sight of our creative endeavors.  
It is a known fact that students do better in core academics when they have enough of the arts throughout their lives.  We were meant to create!.

Professional Resume

Ada Bowers


Kind and compassionate, creative educator dedicated to creating a learning environment that is
stimulating and encouraging to all students. Enjoys using modern technology in the classroom
along with hands-on skills that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking.

Professional practicing artist who works in
commission and freelance
Business owner of art business link
Artist/Face Painter Vendor and member of the Olde
Beaufort Farmers Market in Beaufort NC
NC Teaching Certificate with Art
K-12 Education endorsement
Critical thinker
Curriculum development
Learning assessments
Discovery Education familiarity
Flexible and adaptive
Calm under pressure
Familiar with all studio art
Organizational development knowledge
Computer skills include Photoshop basics,
graphic design, paint shop, photography
restoration and or art design, Google Earth,
Word, Excel, 
Library skills at current position from
Art Show set up
Art Judge for 6 years

Drawing, painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), charcoal, ink, printmaking, graphic design,
jewelry/metalwork, stained glass, 3D sculpture, polymer clay, ceramics, textiles, weaving, crochet,
duct tape designs, photography, dark room. 

Art Teacher (also Computer and Library), 06/2017 to Current
Carteret County Schools - Beaufort, NC

Observe and assess student performance and kept thorough records of progress.
Manage classrooms of 8 to 25 students combined with all 3 schools for 6 different classes
each day of the week.
Establishes clear objectives for all lessons, 
units, and projects. Encouraged students to
persevere with challenging tasks.
Collaborated with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons promoting learning and
student engagement.
Employed a broad range of instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize
Took appropriate disciplinary measures when students misbehaved.
Created lesson plans in accordance with state curriculum and school-wide curriculum
Used children's literature to teach and reinforce reading, writing, grammar, and phonics and
art lessons to match each one.
Decoy Poster Contest tradition of the culture of Core Sound Waterfowl Decoy Festival held at
Harkers Island Elementary School I am in charge of all 3 schools(AES, SES, HIES) where I
teach how to design a poster mimicking the adult contest that has been held for over 20
Art from the Heart Art Show~3 schools to represent.

Art Teacher, 06/2017 to 08/2015
Vance Charter School - Henderson, NC

Managed classrooms each week of over 350 students. 
Taught middle school art enrichment program
Art Club after school program for 6-8
Designed props and backgrounds for music productions and plays
Coordinator of 
Multi-cultural program/fair each year
Worked with all teachers on integrating lessons to match Core Knowledge Standards

Art Teacher for 6 years at 3 schools, 06/1998 to 07/2004
Madison County Public Schools - Madison, VA

Criglersville Elementary School 5 years to spring '03 (school closed) grades K-5
Waverly Yowell from '98-04 grades 3-5
Madison High School '03-'04 grades 11-12 Advanced Art 3D Sculpture and Photography dark
room skills
Art Shows each year
Made props and backgrounds for musical shows and plays
Hosted a Clean Up Poster Contest for the County funded by the Woman's Auxiliary of
Madison County
Judged High School art show for 6 years
Extracurricular:  Flag Team Coach/Supervisor for one year

Bachelor of Science: Art
Radford University - Radford, VA, USA
Member of NAEA

Associate Degree: Mechanical Drawing Auto CAD

SVCC- Alberta, VA, USA

Winner of VICA United States Skill Olympics. Prepared Speech

President of my university chapter NAEA
Honors Symposium Award for Dorthea Lange Photography project Great Depression
Studio Concentration: Drawing and Sculpture
over 80 hours of studio art skills which included drawing, sculpture, jewelry/metalwork, art
safety, ceramics, charcoal, painting, art history and art education.

References available upon request